Ready to distribute

On my feet all day Sunday and yesterday baking these tasty bites.  These goodies are ready to deliver!  Will you be in one of the lucky offices in the Northland?  Wait and see.  There’s a whole lotta yum in that box!

Someone asked what Anise is.  It’s a strong black licorice flavor.  And just like the flavors of goodies in this box, they’re wonderful for dipping, or dunking, in your coffee.

Biscotti are sold by the dozen.
12 biscotti @ $18.00
24 biscotti @ $32.50

Anise with Almond
Lemon with Almond
Blueberry Vanilla
Orange Cranberry
Chocolate Chip Almond

Looking for a flavor not listed above?  Let me know.  I might surprise you.