“Here’s to Good Friends. Tonight is kind of Special”

Can anyone name the product without plugging those lyrics in to the Googler?

I was out with friends last night, enjoying an adult beverage, and this jingle came to mind as we chatted about people we used to work with.  One of my friends, I will call her Jane for the sake of privacy, recalled how she was always amazed that another former co-worker, whom I will call Mary, always found the time to do her job AND participate in extracuricular sports such as bowling or dodgeball (not the real sports).  It was my guess that Mary had an identical twin that no one knew about OR she had a personal assistant that no one knew about.  Honestly, I think Mary was just burning it at both ends and was exhausted.  That might explain why she was let go a few years back.

Nevertheless, my point is, don’t burn it at both ends to eventually end up somewhere you don’t want to be.  If you’re going to burn it at both ends burn it doing something you love rather than what you loathe.  Whether it’s personal, professional, or both your life deserves good friends and special nights without the stress of doing everything at once.

By the way, the jingle is from an old Lowenbrau beer commercial dating back to ….. 1977.  No, I was not legal in that year.

Here’s to good friends!