Simple Life Hacks

Have you ever just wanted to purge all the junk off your computer but felt it was too overwhelming or did it make you nervous about what you might find?  Like pictures you thought you had deleted but were still here, lingering about in the dark recesses of your computer or, even worse, the cloud?  Or maybe it was another rejection letter from a job you applied to 10 years ago.  Nevertheless, it’s a good thing to do; even cathartic to an extent.

The bug hit me this afternoon.  And lucky for you – and me because I didn’t find anything scary – because what I found might actually help you get a little organized, even if it is without me doing it for you.  Some are functional and some are just plain fun.

Take a look at these simple hacks I found lurking .



Use an upside coat hook to hang your shoes in the mud room or closet.



Jonsing for a creamy grilled cheese?  Turn a toaster on it’s side, cheese slice up of course, enjoy!  I like this better than taking out the pan and grilling it.


I think this is my new favorite.  Put your folded sheets into their matching pillow cases for easy storage and access!  Awesome.  

I’ll be using this one this summer for sure!  Turn over paper cupcake cups to keep the flies out!  Love it!

How many times has this happened to you?  Use a rubber band to rescue a stripped screw!




And a fun one to finish with.  🙂

WAH WAH!  Needs no explanation!

Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend!

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