Your Parents Online Gatekeeper

How many of you have been assigned keeper of your parent’s important documents and assets?  Or designated as such when they are no longer able to maintain or oversee such things?

Their assets may include houses, vehicles, financial accounts, collectible items.  Documents may include SSN cards, Wills, Power of Attorney documents, Living Wills, tax forms, passports, or Deeds to properties.  Just to name a few.

It’s something we don’t like to think about, but it is a necessary role we take on as caring family members.  

However, how many of us have access to their usernames and passwords?  Think about all the accounts you manage online that are important enough to keep track of:

  • Bank accounts – Savings and checking account, credit cards, mortgages
  • Insurances – Health (portals to medical charts), dental, home, auto
  • Utilities – Power, gas, internet, landline, mobile phones, etc.
  • Retirement and financial accounts
  • Cloud accounts – Cloud accounts may house some important information as well as memorable photographs
  • Social media accounts

A few years ago, I began keeping this information for my parents.  Occasionally they will forget a password and call me to get the login information.  While I am happy to help them with it, I realize there will come a day when I will be accessing this information for a different reason.

To help you keep track of this information there are numerous templates on the Internet that can be downloaded for free.  Or, creating a simple spreadsheet would work just as well.

Usernames and passwords are not the usual things we think about when getting things in order.  However, considering the speed at which our world now travels, we should make this information as important as any asset or document of value.  It is an important conversation to have with your parents or children; whichever applies to your situation.

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