A little elf help for the holidays!

Beginning November 1st to December 1st I will be offering a holiday special. You can give yourself or a loved one an extra three hours of time. If you’re wondering what three extra hours of time could mean to you during the holiday frenzy, think holiday shopping and gift ideas; home organization before the family arrives, getting holiday cards mailed, and party planning and prep. Jump over to our webpage and see the comprehensive list of services. We do it, so you don’t have to. And if you need something not listed on my list, please contact us so we can whip up a proposal for you.

The Elf Package details:
*They will be on sale beginning November 1st and will end December 1st.
*They must be used between November 5th to January 18th, 2019.
*No long-term commitment.
*They can only be used Monday through Friday. If weekends are requested there will be an additional charge.
*They can be gifted or kept for yourself.
*Three (3) hours for $90.00. For weekend use, $110.00.
*All three hours must be used consecutively.

If you know someone who can use a few extra hours in their day, give us a jingle……bell. 😊

Also, keep an eye out for my gift wrapping events. We will be, hopefully, setting up in various locations in the Northland. If you run a small office and want to give your employees a perk, we can set up a gift wrapping event for you and your employees in the office. Quality paper and beautiful bows.


One thought on “A little elf help for the holidays!

  1. Hi Carolina, you did such an amazing job tacking care of our dogs this simmer I’d like you to try your hand at organizing my unfinished storage and have you help me prepare Christmas goodies for the Holidays. Will this be possible? I look forward to working with you again soon!

    Paula Dayringer

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